Providence House

21st Century Jamaican Style

Providence House was completed in 2008, and is located on the former landing site of the area’s deep-sea night fishermen. It is rumored that in 1793, Captain William Bligh (of Mutiny on the Bounty fame) arrived to this spot from Tahiti aboard the HMS Providence, bringing with him the prized cash crop breadfruit that has since become a popular local food and a valuable export. Jamaica’s first breadfruit tree is located ¼ mile from the house, and on his departure Bligh took from the area a small supply of ackee (Jamaica’s national fruit) for examination upon returning to his native England.

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Providence sits upon to the calmest slice of the Bay – there is rarely a day when the Sea below is anything but crystal clear. At sea level is a cave with a hammock, lounge chairs and dining area, and 46 steps above is the two-story main house. The main house features three nearly identical master bedroom suites, a living room, a dining room, an outdoor patio with a bar, and a private swimming pool. Providence House is our most environmentally-friendly villa, as much of its energy needs are filled by solar panels.

Recommended for:

Family vacations, extravagant honeymoons and small group vacations (two to three couples, or two couples with children).

The property is 1/8 mile from the Bluefields Beach, and there is a chauffeur on call to take you there at will during daylight hours, which is especially useful for the elderly and for small children. For larger parties, it is recommended to combine this house with either Mullion Cove or Milestone Cottage.

Villa includes:

Three master bedroom suites with private bathroom, king-size canopy bed, a/c

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