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How to Plan A Trip to Jamaica – Stress FREE!

Vacation planning can be a daunting task without the right tools—especially when there is only one person organizing a trip for a whole family or group. Overwhelming can be an understatement.

But it doesn’t have to be so stressful! The value of a well-planned trip is a fun and relaxing vacation.

With our guide to planning a trip to Jamaica we’ll make it easy for you. Follow these simple steps and you will find yourself drinking rum cocktails by the Caribbean Sea sooner than you think!

When & Where to Travel

Jamaica is a hot spot during the winter months, especially during the Christmas season. American travelers find this a perfect time to escape the cold of the states and retreat in the tropical climate.

What does this mean for you? If you’re planning to travel between October-April, it is best to secure your travel plans early. Nothing is worse than researching the perfect Jamaican resort only to find they’re booked for the season.

The great news about Jamaica is the weather is spectacular year-round! With an average temperature of 81˚, you will be soaking up the sun whether it’s November or May!

Choosing a Location

The easiest way to decide on a place to stay is determining what activities in Jamaica appeal to your travel party. Staying close to the coast will expose you to resorts with beautiful secluded beaches, which most travelers are seeking. If you’re near the water, snorkeling, scuba diving and boat rides are easy to find.

Jamaica is home to many beautiful cities, so it is hard to pinpoint the “best” place to visit. Here are some of the more popular vacation spots:

  • Montego Bay: This is the second largest city in Jamaica, also home to the largest airport. Beautiful scenery of mountains and beaches attract honeymooners.
  • Negril: Home to the Seven Mile Beach, Negril is a great location offering beautiful, toothed cliffs, romantic settings and some adults-only resorts.
  • Ocho Rios: Hosting a range of resorts and hotels, Ochos Dios is a cultural hot spot with street vendors and palm trees to enjoy.
  • Bluefields Bay: Located on the southern coast, Bluefields Bay has gorgeous, remote beaches. The beautiful villas are first class, and in high demand. This is exactly where you want to go if privacy and luxury are paramount to you. There’s nowhere else like it on the island.

No matter where you decide to stay, you are sure to enjoy the beautiful atmosphere Jamaica offers.

Booking A Resort

There is a reason why all-inclusive resorts have become the most popular travel package for vacationers. It allows you to establish a clear-cut budget, eliminate surprise costs and over spending, and allows you to indulge in everything the resort has to offer.

Travelers are highly likely to find an all-inclusive resort no matter what the travel budget is. Most packages will cover all of your meals and drinks, resort activities and hotel services. Be sure to check with your resort about gratuity, as some may not include this expense in the all-inclusive rate.

If you can, find a resort that cooks with local food. What better way to immerse yourself in the Jamaican culture than enjoying the same cuisine locals love! Fresh seafood, jerk chicken and tropical fruits and veggies will leave you begging for more—which you can have with an all-inclusive vacation!

Buying Plane Tickets

When you’re buying plane tickets, there are definitely tricks to getting the best deal. We typically find that the best time to book tickets is 2-3 months before your trip. This means you do need to plan ahead to get the best deals. Don’t wait around for a last minute deal because you probably won’t find one.

Recent news that makes purchasing plane tickets much easier is new nonstop flights to Jamaica! Delta Air Lines and Frontier Airlines will be offering seasonal flights starting December 2013.

Preparing for Your Jamaican Vacation!

Let’s look back at the checklist we’ve created to plan a trip to Jamaica:

  1. Determine When to Travel
  2. Decide Where in Jamaica to Visit
  3. Book an All-Inclusive Resort
  4. Purchase Plane Tickets

Now that all the head-scratchers are out of the way, we can really start planning the fun stuff! But first, there is one more order of business: apply for your passport!

In the past, you could travel to Jamaica without one. This is not the case anymore, and trying to board your flight without a passport will leave you stuck in the airport, waving goodbye to your friends and family through a big glass window. Don’t be that guy. Apply for your passport, and apply early!

Create an Itinerary

A great way to keep your vacation filled with fun is to plan out exactly what you want to do. This doesn’t mean every hour needs to be booked with an event. It simply allows you to check off all your dream activities in Jamaica, ensuring a fulfilling vacation.

There are so many great things to do in Jamaica, even if you decide to stay in the resort. Check with hosts before traveling out on your own. There are some areas that are not safe for tourists to travel to.

Kayaking, waterfall tours, deep-sea fishing, horseback riding and snorkeling are all thrilling activities in Jamaica. Making an itinerary also allows you to decide which days will be “adult” days, as many resorts offer engaging childcare that won’t leave parents feeling guilty.

Just remember to leave enough free time in your schedule for relaxing pool or beach time. Even if you never make it off the beach, it will be a vacation to remember!

Make Your Packing List

If you’re planning a family vacation with young children, the packing list can become longer than you expected. Planning ahead and determining what you really need can make packing a lot easier. And remember, less suitcases means lower checked baggage charges at the airport.

You don’t need to lug a large suitcase on your vacation. An easy way to cut down packing is to book a resort with complimentary laundry service. Again, this is where those all-inclusive packages provide benefits. One small suitcase will be able to cover you for an entire week, allowing you to have clothes washed when not being worn.

Packing shouldn’t be a chore, so we created a guide for what to pack for your Caribbean vacation. From bug spray to bottle openers, we cover everything you need to enjoy a Jamaican vacation.

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