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Find The Best Snorkeling in Jamaica

Are you looking for the best snorkeling in Jamaica?

If you’re planning a trip to South Coast Jamaica, we have some great tips for you. From the greatest spots to what you can expect to find, let us guide you through the coastal waters.

Snorkeling in Jamaica’s South Coast

Jamaica is well known for their beautiful beaches and wildlife. Locals and tourists love to experience the water, enjoying snorkeling, diving, and deep-sea fishing. Here are some spots offering the best snorkeling in Jamaica (we saved the best for last… Bluefields Bay).

Seven Mile Beach, Negril

Snorkeling in Negril is great for beginners as the water is fairly shallow and crystal clear. Located along the West Coast of Jamaica, these beaches feature stunning cliffs. With the seven miles of beach along the coast, you are sure to find a snorkeling adventure for any level of experience. Snorkelers occasionally spot a snake eel, but don’t worry about these nonthreatening creatures.

Doctor’s Cave Beach

This area of Montego Bay offers some of the most accessible snorkeling on Jamaica’s beaches. If you’re looking for wildlife and beautiful coral reefs, then Doctor’s Cave is the spot for you. Fish are accustomed to tourists and many will swim right up you. Waters are calm and clear, but a group of beginners may want to travel with a guide because some of the most beautiful reefs are farther out in heavier currents.

Treasure Beach

If you’re looking to experience the lively culture of Jamaica, Treasure Beach is the place to be. With scattered dark sands and six miles of beaches, this really is a treasure for snorkeling in Jamaica South Coast waters. Dive into the rocky shores and coves that it’s four bays—Great Bay, Billy Bay, Calabash Bay and Frenchman’s Bay—have to offer.

Bluefields Bay

Take advantage of the free snorkeling equipment we provide our villa guests, and explore one of the most remote parts of the Caribbean Sea in Jamaica.

Our crystalline and calm waters are teeming with life, including tropical fish, rays, and coral. The nearby Moor Reef, is literally a rainbow filled with marine life and is a must see for any snorkeling fanatic visiting our villas.

Preparing for the Adventure

The first thing you will need to secure is snorkeling gear for your adventure. Some resorts, like Bluefields Bay Villas, will offer gear to visitors. If yours does not, or you simply want to have your own, purchase snorkeling equipment before traveling to the island.

Next, visitors should plan where they would like to go snorkeling. Beaches may offer snorkeling tours with a guide, and your very own resort may have access to secluded beaches and bays for snorkeling. We recommended some of the best areas in Jamaica, but locals can usually clue you in to secret spots.

Once your crew has planned on a location and secured snorkeling equipment, you’re ready to go!

Respect the Local Beaches

While Jamaica is a prominent spot for honeymooners and vacationers, you don’t want upset the locals by acting like a “tourist” or put yourself in danger. The island is notorious for their upkeep and preservation of beaches and wildlife. Here are some things to keep in mind while on a snorkeling adventure:

  • While snorkeling, avoid wearing flashy jewelry. Predatory fish may mistake your bracelet for an afternoon snack.
  • Do not feed or touch the fish. Leave them to their natural habitat and admire their beauty.
  • Never reach into coves or holes, because you never know what is hiding in the darkness.
  • Don’t walk or stand on reefs. Not only can you damage the coral, but also other dangerous creatures may be within.
  • Leave everything in the sea. Jamaica’s wildlife is for everyone to enjoy, and it is illegal to remove anything from the waters.
  • Always use caution. Be careful with heavy sea currents, and look out for the rare shark sighting.

Follow these tips and you are sure to have an exhilarating snorkeling experience. Jamaica’s beautiful waters offer exotic adventures that attract thousands of tourists every year.

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Plan Your Bluefields Bay Snorkeling Adventure

If you are planning to stay at Bluefields Bay Villas, we have an astonishing snorkeling voyage for you. Give us a call at 1-877-955-8993 or click here to book online now.

Our private beaches offer crystal clear waters for snorkeling within the resort. Looking for more of an adventure? Ask your headman about scheduling a local boat to nearby Moor Reef for an exotic snorkeling experience.


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