Fighting Invasive Lionfish at Bluefields Bay

Help Bluefields Bay Bite Back at Lionfish!

Bet you never thought you could save the world by eating, did you?

The Caribbean Sea is in danger as lionfish, an invasive species, are devastating natural wildlife and multiplying fast (they lay up to 40,000 eggs a week!). We need your help.

Grab your fork and help us cook up an end to the lionfish devastation, starting with a fresh, tantalizing and exotic meal.

Keep reading to learn how your next meal can help Bluefields Bay and support the hardworking organizations and fishermen dedicated to hunting lionfish.

Jamaica’s Sea Life is in Serious Trouble

If you’re unfamiliar with Caribbean wildlife, let us inform you that Jamaica is recognized as the most overfished island in the Caribbean. Watch the video below to discover how hundreds of fishermen that make a living off the sea have watched the native fish population (and their own income) decline for decades. Fortunately, Bluefields Bay remains secluded and is still teaming with fish!

Native fish is the key word there. As the natural habitants of the Caribbean have experienced a steady decline, the population has been matched with an overwhelming and disturbing rise in lionfish.

Lionfish (pterois volitans for the zoologists out there) are not just your average fish; they are insatiable eaters, consuming up to 20 fish per hour. That’s 240 native Jamaican fish annihilated every day by EACH lionfish. Fuel is added to the fire through their reproduction rate, as they lay up to 40,000 eggs every week.

Without a natural predator to consume the lionfish, you can see how it can become a problem for the indigenous wildlife.

Fighting Invasive Lionfish at Bluefields Bay

The Hunt has Already Begun

With no aquatic predators to assist in the fight against lionfish, the issue falls into the hands of the community.

Education and action are the two key ingredients for saving Bluefields Bay. With the assistance of Peace Corps volunteers and Bluefields Bay Fisherman’s Friendly Society, local fishermen have been educated and trained to safely catch and handle lionfish. Lucky for all of us, lionfish is pretty darn tasty!

Bluefields Bay Villas has been an active supporter of the vitality and preservation of wildlife in the water. Not only do we financially support the Bluefields Bay Fish Sanctuary, but also our chefs actively serve lionfish at the villas and educate our guests of their disastrous impact on the Caribbean environment.

Fighting Invasive Lionfish at Bluefields Bay

“So, I Just Have to Eat Lionfish?”

Yes! We want you to be aware of the negative influence lionfish have on fishing communities and invite you to feast on a delicious meal. And since you’ve surely been wondering, lionfish is a light white fish comparable in taste to snapper and crab.

As we mentioned, Bluefields Bay Villas serves lionfish as a regular menu item. We were the first resort in Jamaica to start preparing lionfish for guests, both actively supporting our community and raising awareness. Long story short, eat them to beat them! (Request our ceviche, coconut curry and authentic Jamaican brown gravy during your next stay, all prepared with lionfish.)

Help our local fisherman restore their livelihood and get back to the healthy, native fish stocks that make the Caribbean such a diverse and tropical ecosystem. The only way to fight back is with a sustainable solution, and that means supporting the fisherman taking every effort to eliminate this invasive species.

Don’t worry; you don’t have to wait until your next trip to Jamaica to feed your curiosity! Reach out and support restaurants and resorts all over the world as they serve up a solution, one plate at a time. Click here to find restaurants serving up an environmentally proactive serving of lionfish!

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