Bluefield’s Providence House is the perfect villa for romantic vacations in Jamaica.

All-Inclusive Romantic Vacations in Jamaica: 5 Insider Tips

Jamaica is a Caribbean treasure, boasting breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea, incredible mountain peaks, and miles of uninterrupted white sand beaches. If you’re looking for adventure, or a relaxing and restorative getaway, Jamaica is sure to capture your heart.

To make sure you get the most out of your all-inclusive romantic vacation, we’ve compiled a few “insider tips” to help you plan your getaway. From currency exchanges, to arriving in style, we’ll make sure your vacation goes without a hitch.

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1. Know Your Currency Exchange Options

If you have ever traveled outside of the country, you know how much of a hassle it can be to exchange your money for foreign currency. Luckily, during your stay at a Jamaican resort, you don’t have to worry about trading in U.S dollars. Since most resorts, including Bluefields, are tourist destinations, your US dollars will be happily accepted.

However, if you are planning to travel off of the resort and spend money at the local markets, you should know that you are likely to end up paying 10-15% more than you would with Jamaican dollars. To avoid this you can exchange money at a nearby global exchange location or use a live currency converter to make sure you are not overpaying.

2. Get to Know the Locals: Jamaicans are Super Friendly & Welcoming

Couple enjoys their all-inclusive romantic getaway at Bluefields Bay Villas.

You are sure to feel at home during your all-inclusive romantic getaway. Jamaicans are known for their welcoming nature, and will show you warmth and hospitality during your stay. If you venture off of the resort for a spontaneous adventure, you may even make a new friend or two!

If you choose to stay at Bluefields Bay Villas, you will have your own personal staff that pride themselves on taking care of each guest like they are family. From chefs who will customize meals to your tastes, to your personal butler who will serve your favorite drinks, you’ll be completely taken care of by our friendly and generous staff.

3. Arrive in Style

Going through customs and waiting at the airport can be the most burdensome part of traveling to and from a foreign country. Fortunately, Club Mobay offers travelers a first-class airport lounge experience upon arrival and departure. With fast track access through security and customs, you’ll have time to relax in the VIP lounge area while you wait for your plane or ride to your destination. The lounge includes free food and drinks, complimentary phone calls to international locations, a washroom, and several other amenities that make traveling a breeze.

Bonus tip: At Bluefields Bay, we like our guests to arrive in style, so each of our all-inclusive romantic vacations offers full access to Club Mobay’s lounge and VIP travel services.

4. Take Advantage of All-Inclusive Activities

No matter what part of Jamaica you travel to, you are sure to experience unforgettable views that you can’t find anywhere else. How you choose to experience these breathtaking views is up to you. The best all-inclusive resorts for couples will offer everything from kayaking, snorkeling, and hiking to more romantic activities like riding horseback on the beach. The crystal clear waters, incredible mountain ranges, and open sky will make these excursions unlike any other you have ever experienced. For more ideas on what to do during your romantic getaway, check out the top 5 excursions on the South Coast of Jamaica.

5. Private Villas are a Great Option for Those Planning All-Inclusive Romantic Vacations

Anniversary getaways are even more romantic in your own private villa!

Whether you’re planning a trip for your honeymoon, anniversary, or just to do something special with your significant other, there are a number of beautiful resorts to choose from. However, some all-inclusive resorts can be crowded and offer little privacy. We recommend staying at a private villa so that you and your significant other will enjoy a romantic and uninterrupted stay.

If you are interested in private villa options with complete privacy, we recommend the Milestone Cottage or Providence House at Bluefields Bay. Whether you want to stay in a cottage overlooking the calm blue sea or a secluded villa with a cave and a hammock, we can help you find the perfect spot for your romantic getaway.

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