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Authentic Jamaican Experiences

Sea Kayaking (incl.)Enjoy a Sunset Over the Bay

Resort Activities, Sea Kayaking

Bluefields Bay, on the leeward side of Jamaica, is the ideal place for sea kayaking as the water is calm, is without strong currents, and is crystal clear. Allowing you to be truly “on the sea”, these are perfect for exercise and for viewing the coastline. The memory of drifting as you watch an amazing Bluefields sunset in one of our kayaks will remain with you forever.

Stand Up Paddleboarding (incl.)An Incredible View

Resort Activities, Stand Up Paddleboarding

The still leeward water of Bluefields Bay lends itself perfectly for stand up paddle boards. Gaze down at the coral and tropical fish swimming beneath as you paddle past your villa enjoying the beauty and the truly great exercise.

No Boat Required: Snorkeling (incl.)Right Off Your Villa

Resort Activities, Snorkeling

We are happy to offer snorkeling gear for your enjoyment so that you can head into the sea right below your villa to discover a rich world of tropical fish, coral, rays, and much more with every turn of your head.

Snorkeling – Explore a Coral Reef

Resort Activities, Snorkeling

Bluefields Bay has the calm leeward-side sea that is perfect for snorkeling.  It is home to 2 coral reefs, and our 30′ glass-bottom boat can take you out to either one. Getting there is half the experience as you see coral appear out of the depths as you approach the reef.

Our covered boat allows you and your group to head to the reef to snorkel, and does not require everyone to be in the sea the entire time. Stay in the boat, look at the reef through the glass, be safe from the sun, and enjoy a Red Stripe from the boat’s cooler. Relax with our Radio Bluefields which even plays on the boat.

Glass-Bottom Boat Cruise – Explore the bottom of the Sea

Resort Activities, Snorkeling

With a maximum depth of 23′ extending 1 mile out, Bluefields lends itself to glass-bottom boat tours. Bluefields Bay is Jamaica’s largest and most successful Protected Fish Sanctuary and breeding zone, and no one is allowed to fish in the Bay. The result is flourishing underwater life and a seabed full of interesting views from rare coral to lobster.

From massive coral heads to sea turtles, every moment of your cruise will mesmerize you with the world below. If you are truly fortunate, you may even get a visit from some of the dolphins that call Bluefields Bay their home.

Sunset Cruise – The Perfect Romantic Afternoon

Resort Activities, Snorkeling

We do sunset cruises differently in Bluefields. Our boat not only has a full bar, but your personal butler will accompany you on the cruise to make certain you are fully relaxed. Your private chef will also prepare appetizers to be served on the boat by your butler.

Our 2-hour cruise takes you along the coastline and around one of the reefs as the day fades away and the sun ever so slowly dips below your unobstructed view of the horizon. Keep an eye out for the dramatic green flash!

Deep-Sea Fishing – Eat Your Catch

Resort Activities, Deep Sea Fishing

We offer only the authentic Jamaican fishing experience. This is not a “booze cruise” where fishing is almost an afterthought. This is you and the fish—with no fancy gizmos and gadgets such as rod holders.

Herman, a local boatman, supplies the rods and reels and our staff sends a cooler and snacks for the up to four persons that are taken out 8 miles for deep-sea fishing. Herman caters to persons of all experience levels, and even teaches young visitors how to fish.

The South Coast is the finest part of the island for deep-sea fishing. There are many different species roaming the fertile Jamaican fishing waters such as: Tuna, Kingfish, Mahi-Mahi, Snapper, and even the famed Blue Marlin. Afterwards, enjoy eating your fish for dinner in the traditional Jamaican way. Your personal chef will prepare the day’s catch, letting you dine on the freshest fish you will ever experience!

Tennis (incl.) – Get a Vacation Workout

Resort Activities, Tennis

For those who want a real workout, our night-lit competition-size Laykold tennis court is for the enjoyment of our six villas. Bring racquets and tennis balls.

Don’t forget that we take your happiness very seriously. Water and other desired items will seem to follow you up to the tennis court.

Hiking (incl.) – Exercise with Fun

Resort Activities, Hiking

Hiking up the Bluefields Mountain behind our villas is a great way to get exercise, learn about the area and meet the welcoming local residents. Philip Gosse wrote his defining treatise, Birds of Jamaica, while living in Bluefields—so there are usually many species of birds and plants to view as you hike.

Each morning at 8:30AM, a staff guide will be waiting below our tennis court to meet renters who wish to hike, and the route will be contoured to the persons who come in terms of length and difficulty. One popular route is to go up the lane next to our tennis court and then further up the hill to an overlook with expansive views of Bluefields Bay.

Manager’s Cocktail Party (incl.) – Meet Other Guests

Resort Activities, Manager's Cocktail Party

On Mondays, our managers host a cocktail party at the Treehouse for our guests and some local residents. Mingle with the other vacationers at Bluefields while you get a chance to meet the staff who are working tirelessly to make your stay a trip of a lifetime.

Not only is this a chance to meet the people who may become your friends during the holiday, but the lavishly-catered and relaxed function offers tastes of local Jamaican flavors that has caused some of our guests to “rethink” their menu selections for the remainder of their stay.

Jerk Chicken Lunch (incl.) – Experience Jamaican Cuisine

Resort Activities, Jerk Chicken Lunch

On Wednesdays, our guests are invited to an excellent feast of chicken grilled over pimento wood and marinated in spices by our Jerk Chicken master, James, and accompanied by other local favorites. Jerk Chicken is probably Jamaica’s most famous food item, although it is not actually the national dish. This is an event not to be missed.

Tour the Basic School (incl.) Meet the Locals

Resort Activities, Tour the Basic School

Our local NGO—the BPCA—was created 17 years ago to provide training in fishing and agricultural techniques, to offer literacy classes, and it also founded a kindergarten (called Basic School) for children below 6 years of age.

Our resort business has assumed sponsorship and operation of the Basic School, and we are happy for our visitors to tour the school and meet the teachers and students.

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