Jamaica Spa Services

Relax and Unwind on your Vacation

Vacation is a time to relax and repair one’s physical self and one’s emotional self. The emotional self is the simpler part, as our Jamaican workers are the most supportive and nurturing of peoples. They put life into clear perspective: What you have and who you know does not mean the most. Who you are becomes crystal-clear when you meet these good-hearted people who have so many gifts (beyond money…) to offer.


Stress-Buster Massage   30 minutes   ($60):
Begin your holiday with special attention to your back, neck, shoulders and head.

Swedish Massage   60 minutes   ($115)

Deep-Tissue Massage   60 minutes ($115)   90 minutes ($175):
Relieve the tension and knots that have developed in your body as our practitioners work their Bluefields Bay magic.

Sports Massage   60 minutes ($140):
As the name suggests, this massage is geared towards the athletic type. However, one does not have to be a sports star to benefit from a sports massage. This Swedish massage stimulates circulation of blood and lymph fluids and breaks down adhesions (knots in the muscles) and increases range of motion.

Hot Stone Massage   60 minutes ($140):
Muscles are pretreated with heated stones to allow our capable therapists to more easily perform deep tissue manipulations. This promotes deep muscle and tissue relaxation, releases toxins, improves circulation and is even capable of treating health conditions such as insomnia and depression.

Island Podiatry   30 minutes ($60):
By accessing the pressure points of the feet, this massage is capable of reducing stress and inducing relaxation, improving the circulation of both the blood and lymph system. This is perfect after a long hike or an early morning run, or just for general revitalization of the body.

Tropical Bliss Combo   90 minutes ($175):
With ancient massage techniques and modern wellness treatments, Bluefields Bay Villas has created the Tropical Bliss Combo. This massage is perfect for the relief of stress, gives great energy balance, and mind and body tranquility. When given this treatment, you will become totally relaxed and ready to enjoy all these exclusive villas have to offer. It starts with a Swedish massage followed by deep tissue work, and capped by reflexology enhanced with soft warm pouches containing blends of aromatic coffee beans to enhance the total relaxation and endless pleasure.

Couples Delight   60 minutes ($220):
Our couples massage will set the tone for a romantic experience, as it is designed to be shared with your special someone. The experience is custom tailored to set a romantic tone from the setting to the decorations


Coconut/Cornmeal; Lemongrass/Sea Salt; Lemongrass/Sugar   45 minutes   ($80):
Your Bluefields Bay specialist exfoliates and helps to remove dead cells from your body in order to tighten the skin and improve body texture. Once the scrub is completed, a mini-massage follows to smooth the skin.

Aloe/Lemongrass Wrap   45 minutes   ($80):
A special Bluefields Bay treatment to smooth the skin from sunburn irritation.

Hummingbird Facial   30 minutes   ($65):
This treatment provides cleansing by using either a predesigned or a custom made natural fruit masque selected to suit your skin type and to remove all impurities using specialized techniques.

Other Services

Bluefields Pedicure, French or Full-color   45 minutes   ($40)

Bluefields Manicure, French or Full-color   45 minutes   ($40)

Bluefields Cornrow Braiding:
Please ask for a cost estimate, as this depends upon hair length and whether you wish to braid all of your hair (from $70 up) or half of your hair (from $40 up)


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