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A founding principle of Bluefields Bay Villas has been — and continues to be — our unwavering support for the local community. We want our resort to help introduce the outside world to the fantastic Bluefields Bay community. We also want to make sure the resort supports positive and sustainable environmental and educational projects. The Villas have been highly successful in helping encourage local organic farmers, and the charitable arm of the resort funds a nutrition program at 2 schools in the local area so those students get well-balanced nutritious lunches.

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We feel that locally-farmed and locally-caught ingredients are the goal, as those help maximize the funds reaching the local economy. And our personal relationship with farmers, farm aggregators, and fishermen means we promise freshness and high quality in what we serve our guests. We are also glad that the carbon footprint in transporting food to our tables is low coming from those local farms.

We also are proud to point out that when lionfish — an invasive species of fish from the Pacific and with no Caribbean predators — got recognized as a major problem in the Caribbean, we were the first Jamaican resort to serve lionfish to our guests, and we continue to do so today.

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