Jamaican Fusion

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How do we define “Jamaican Fusion”? Bluefields Eggs Benedict is a perfect example with its lime-juice-laced hollandaise sauce and poached eggs atop smoked marlin.

Our chefs take foreign recipes and utilize Jamaican ingredients and spices to give them a Jamaican “spin”, such as our delicious lobster lunch crepes. Chefs also take Jamaican favorites and present them in a new and unique fashion, such as Bluefields ackee & saltfish and conch prepared in new and different ways. Our guests always say that they were treated to the ultimate in fine cuisine while on Bluefields Bay.

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Jamaican Fusion is of course also an outgrowth of Jamaica’s national motto: Out of Many, One People.

Combining cooking techniques used by the varied ethnic groups with locally-grown organic produce and locally-caught seafood yields spectacular results! Plates with fresh local seafood might be embellished with delicious curried vegetables and accompanied by crunchy sweet potato crepes. Watercress taken out of the Bluefields River can become a delightful cold luncheon soup. On that subject, our guests always report that Bluefields Bay soups have no equal elsewhere in the world! Enjoy our orange curry carrot bisque and lobster bisque, as well as the many Jamaican favorites like pumpkin soup, pepper pot soup and more.

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