Halal All-Inclusive Resort Services

Experience Fine Halal Dining

Searching for a luxury, all-inclusive Halal Resorts in the Caribbean? The services and amenities offered at Bluefields Bay Villas are beyond compare. Our Reservations Concierge will personalize every aspect of your stay, including customizing meals to fit your tastes and preferences. Our chefs have experience taking a variety of foreign recipes and creating new, gourmet Jamaican-fusion meals using locally-grown ingredients.  

Luxury Halal Travel

The chefs at Bluefields understand Halal dietary laws, and are able to prepare all meals to meet the strictest standards. Meat is prepared according to Dhabibah and no prohibited foods are cooked in your villa kitchen. Your fully-inclusive luxury Halal vacation comes with a personal chef and a head butler who will ensure all of your meals are prepared in accordance to Islamic law, and meet your own personal preferences. Your butler will even provide you with delicious and refreshing non-alcoholic cocktails perfect for lounging by the pool or after a fun day of kayaking, paddle boarding, or any other of our fully-inclusive resort activities.

When you visit Bluefields, you will experience mouth-watering meals that have a touch of island flair. Since our meals are prepared with fresh, locally-grown or locally caught ingredients, you’ll not only be eating delicious, gourmet meals, but also supporting our local community.   

Personalized Meals To Suit Your Taste

Our gourmet chefs understand Halal guidelines and use fresh, local ingredients to prepare traditional meals with a caribbean flair. We will ensure your breakfasts, lunches, dinners, desserts and everything in between is artfully crafted to meet Halal requests. To learn more about our Halal all-inclusive resort packages, contact our Reservations Concierge at 1-877-955-8993.


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