Our Jamaica Beach

1/2 Mile Long Bluefields Beach

Why spend hours on an airplane only to end up in a tropical location not on the sea? That is the “mantra” of Bluefields Bay which has only waterfront villas. It is surely delightful to enjoy sea views, but nothing replaces the ability to get into the sea and be on the water whenever you wish…

Each of these six distinctive and natural waterfront villas offers gorgeous places to relax by the sea, and these hideaways offer coolers with drinks and service too. This leeward side of Jamaica has calm water ideal for snorkeling and sea-kayaking, so ask your butler for gear to explore fish and corals along the coastline. Your butler can also schedule our boat to take you to nearby Moor Reef or Paradise Reef for even better snorkeling or to go out 8 miles for deep-sea fishing. The South Coast of Jamaica is the finest part of the island for catching fish to eat, while the deep North Coast waters are sometimes preferred for sport-fishing. As the local boatmen fish for a living, you should return with a “catch” that your chef will turn into a delicious meal afterwards.

The 1/2 mile long white sand Bluefields Beach (pictured above) is infrequently used by the small local population, and is considered the nicest of the less than a dozen free public beaches in Jamaica. Much of the year is seen by residents as not being “beach time” in spite of sea temperatures rarely below 80 degrees, air temperatures of at least 75 degrees or more. So this is the ideal beach where one can relax by the sea totally immersed in one’s own scene, and the waterfront privacy is incredible.

The four-acre property with The Hermitage and Cottonwood Cottage and adjacent to Mullion Cove’s two waterfront acres opens directly to the Bluefields Beach with our waterfront attendants arranging chairs and tables and towels for guest use by 7AM each morning. They will also provide sea kayaks and serve tropical drinks and more. Our beach area stays open until dark.

Bluefields Bay, the Bluefields Beach, and its wetlands were declared a Protected Fish Sanctuary several years ago and, with it being the leeward side of the island, Bluefields Bay now provides excellent snorkeling.  The Sanctuary designation has made a huge impact on the amount of fish and quality of corals that can be viewed even close to the shore.

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