Traveling with Seniors to Bluefields Bay

Personalized Elderly Care

Are you looking to book an incredible family vacation and want to be sure the elderly members of your family experience the same relaxation and fun as the rest of the family?

At Bluefields Bay Villas, our staff goes above and beyond to ensure every family member is well cared for. To accommodate those traveling with seniors, parents, grandparents, or other elderly family members, Bluefields provides elderly care as part of your fully-inclusive luxury vacation.

If you would like to learn more about fully-inclusive packages for those traveling with seniors to Bluefields Bay, call us at 1-877-955-8993 today. You may also click here if you’re ready to complete the booking process online.

Elderly Care at Bluefields Bay

Bluefields seaside villas are nestled in Bluefields Mountains, just steps away from the glistening waters of Jamaica’s South Coast. In your secluded villa, your personal staff will tend to all of your needs, including preparing personalized meals, serving cocktails, packing, unpacking, and cleaning laundry.

In order to make sure that all family members enjoy a world-class experience, we will provide a caregiver to ensure the senior members of your family get the most out of their time at Bluefields.  

Our caregiver will provide your loved one with a companion who will make their stay as comfortable as possible. You can be assured that your family will receive:

  • An experienced caregiver that will assist your elderly parents in getting ready for family activities
  • A companion that will keep them company and provide relaxing activities while other family members are out on excursions.
  • Personalized meals prepared in accordance to dietary restrictions

It’s our caregiver’s mission to provide seniors with the personalized care they deserve to create a lifetime of memories. We make it about them, accommodating their various physical and emotional needs. Whether preparing a meal or accompanying them on a nature excursion, our caregivers will create an experience you nor your parents will never forget.

Book the Perfect Family Vacation Today!

The secluded, pristine settings of Bluefields Bay Villas make it the perfect location for those traveling with seniors. To learn more about how we can provide a memorable experience for every member of your family, call 1-877-955-8993. You may also click here to book now.

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