All Inclusive Services For Families

Personalized Service for Children

Children are heartily welcomed at Bluefields, and our Jamaican staff relish having guests bring their children on holiday. Our nannies are warm-hearted and caring, and the natural settings of these villas are perfect for youthful “adventuring” with staff too. Rest assured that the Bluefields experience will be as personalized for children as it is for you, with:

  • Experienced nannies who will read books and tell stories—also give baths, plan child-friendly meals, launder clothes, clean rooms, and put children to sleep so that parents get a real vacation
  • Lots of beach time building sandcastles with nannies under “tree umbrellas” by the sea as these shady sand locations reduces the chance of sunburn
  • Swimming and sea-kayaking and snorkeling at the beach and in the pools with our beach staff and nannies
  • Nature walks with gardeners so that they learn about tropical plants and flowers
  • Hair-braiding so that children return home with an authentic Jamaican “look”
  • Excursions for horseback riding, boating up the Black River to view crocodiles, visiting an ostrich park, and more

If you have additional questions about what’s included and what’s not included in your stay, check out our blog on frequently asked questions about all-inclusive family resorts in the Caribbean.

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