Meet Our Family

Pioneers of the Original All Inclusive Experience

Braxton Moncure first traveled to Jamaica in 1977 and was smitten by the beauty of the island and by its incredibly warm and welcoming residents. In 1981, he discovered the small fishing and farming village of Bluefields on the South Coast of Jamaica, and felt that this location was exactly what he had been seeking. Mullion Cove was the first holding, followed by San Michele in 1983 just after being married to architect Debbie. 125 guests attended their 1983 union, so they were pioneers of a “destination wedding.” Guests are still talking about that celebration…

Son Houston was born in Jamaica in 1985, he is now the Managing Director of the company. Rachel was born there too in 1987. Both are Jamaican citizens and are thrilled to have a lifetime bond with Jamaica and its people. Houston runs the day-to-day operations, as well as the development, and marketing strategy. He has focused on transforming the business to maintain changing expectations while still keeping the classic Jamaican feel and guest experience that has been so popular. Debbie designs and remodels the villas and is the lead customer relations specialist. Braxton is an avid collector of books, china, silver, lithographs, and manages the interior design and landscaping.

As their family grew, so did their feeling of “mission” about making a difference in this remarkably unknown and beautiful haven. Keeping jobs local became a top priority so local residents have an opportunity to remain near extended families. This has created an incredibly devoted staff, some of whom have worked at the villas for more than 30 years. There are now 65 persons working on the Bluefields Bay properties. And of course this has led to a much wider involvement in the community too.

Your Bluefields experience begins with a warm welcome from manager Carmen as she introduces you to your butler who will personalize your visit so that it far exceeds expectations. The butler is your “go to person” in terms of food, drink, staff, activities, excursions, and more. When the butler departs after dinner, he will leave you in the capable hands of the night porter for after-hours service.

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