Jamaica Beaches

Powdery White Sand and Coral Cliffs

Bluefields Beach

The Bluefields Beach is considered an extremely special location by Jamaicans, as it is one of only 10 or so remaining Jamaican beaches that are free and open to the public. This powdery white sand beach is ½ mile in length, and it has an adjacent Beach Park with a handful of shops. Beachgoers are few, other than on major public holidays such as Boxing Day (December 26th), Independence Day (August 6th), and Heroes Day (mid-October).

Unlike Doctor’s Cave Beach near the Montego Bay Airport where there is an entry fee (about $5) and many commercial offerings, the Bluefields Beach has little to draw visitors other than its pristine and undisturbed setting.

Of Note: Bluefields Bay was recently designated a Protected Fish Sanctuary by the Jamaican Government, which should keep the commercial development in the area to a minimum. This designation means that netting and spear fishing are prohibited within its boundaries, and this has led to higher numbers of fish being visible and birds (pelicans and many others) are now diving for fish in clear view of the villas.

Doctors Cave Beach

For visitors whose flights land too early for our complimentary airport transfer, you may wish to consider taking a taxi over to Doctor’s Cave Beach where you can enjoy one of the many eateries available. As long as a plan is made in advance, our driver will collect you from Doctor’s Cave Beach when it is the time to head over to Bluefields for check-in at your villa. This will give you an early start on your beach holiday.

Negril Beach

During the week, you might want to visit the famous 7-mile Negril Beach (about 40 minutes from Bluefields). This gorgeous white sand beach is a continuous string of hotels, bars, restaurants with an abundance of tourists. Negril’s central roundabout separates the beach from its cliffs. These soaring coral cliffs provide dramatic vistas and also are where high divers come to show off their skills right before sunset. Rick’s Café is the most notable spot for sunset diving.

Treasure Beach

Another fun outing is to travel east to Treasure Beach, which has dark sand, body-surfacing waves, and often has some tricky undertow. This beach is remarkably different from the calm sea and sparkling white sand of Negril. Because there is far less of a tourist population, it also has substantially less commercialism than Negril.

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