Bluefields, Jamaica

The Picture Perfect Jamaican Vacation

Can you picture boarding an airplane and reaching Bluefields Bay in time for a refreshing beach swim before sunset cocktails and a gorgeous candlelit dinner? Only 34 miles south of Montego Bay, our Bluefields Bay driver whisks you away from the urban hustle-and-bustle teeming with tourists and cruise ships. After an educational one-hour drive across the hilly center of Jamaica, you descend to the South Coast with dramatic vistas of sugar cane fields and sea. This begins your experience with the “real” Jamaica that is far from the tourist centers in mindset—though Bluefields is near in travel time to both Montego Bay (one hour) and Negril (40 minutes).

If your holiday dream is for personalized service in an authentic and highly-distinctive setting, Bluefields is that picture-perfect vacation spot. Our expertly-trained workers of thoughtful and caring residents ensure that guests constantly report that they enjoyed the best vacation of their lives. You are seen in this community as a welcome guest—not merely as a “consumer” as is the case in those busy tourist centers. And you will reside in villas that radiate “old world charm” and house a major collection of authentic Jamaican furniture and furnishings.

Bluefields is an area rich in history having Jamaica’s most protected anchorage and also mountains descending to meet the sea at the 1/2 mile long Bluefields Beach abutting these five distinctive villas. Leave “tourism” behind and visit this environmentally-intact area that has been untouched by commercialism. Bluefields Bay prides itself on fostering so many “ambassadors” who return home extolling Jamaica and its nurturing people, and who also return to their “second home” and new friends in Bluefields repeatedly.

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