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Bluefields Bay Villas & Patrick Marti: Business & Peace Corp working together to make a difference

Houston Moncure of Bluefields Bay Villas supports the efforts of these groups by purchasing produce from the farms, the jams from the womans co-op, fish – particularly the evasive and destructive lion fish – to serve to his guests, and his generosity to the school in which Patrick Marti has also worked teaching environmental education and literacy. “What we do is easy to do,” say Moncure. “We choose to support the people of the town, the people whose family members work with us, the people that keep Bluefields a travel destination.” Serving the lion fish to guests is a resourceful way to help combat a problem created when a pair of the fish were accidentally” introduced to the waters off of Florida. Those fish have spawned a wave of destruction that can wipe out a healthy coral reef of all the smaller fish in a matter of hours.”