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One Love, Two Sweet Spots

Although we had pored over photos before leaving Vancouver, nothing prepared us for the unique experience of Bluefields Bay Villas. After the hustle and bustle of Negril, a short distance south, Bluefields offered a welcome retreat into Jamaica’s colonial past.

Destination Jamaica: Landing in heaven at Bluefields Bay villas

The end of that drive fully justified everything that came before. The drive itself was a pleasure, and we arrived at Bluefields with a thorough education in island horticulture, stopping to look at gardens, orchards, and native plants. The Bluefields Bay Villas are six unique homes along a private waterfront. Each villa has its own stretch of beach for swimming, snorkeling or cloud watching, and each has its own personality. Largely designed inside and out by owner Debbie Moncure, the homes have open air designs outfitted with island and British influences, including antique Jamaican pieces that make Bluefields Bay the largest repository of such rarities in the in the world, according to A. Houston Moncure, our guide for this visit.