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Meeting the locals around Bluefields Bay in Jamaica

I’m here for a girlfriends getaway with my three oldest friends from grade school. It’s as relaxing as the most luxe resort -from my canopy bed and drop-dead views of the sea in every direction to the secluded beach and three-person staff that dotes on you from morning to night. I’m so glad they are willing to share their heritage and history. A short walk away up the mountain , we encounter traditional Jamaican villages and a shy little girl named Martina who proudly was showing off the baby goats she cares for. Later, while my friends lounged at the beach, I opted for a massage overlooking the sea, the breeze rafting, hearing the waves lap. The masseuse, Nicholas Ridguard was terrific.

Bluefields Bay Jamaica — an unresort-like resort

DAY ONE OF FOUR-Our staff is waiting at the door of our villa when we arrive -Rose Spence the cook, Sharon Plummer the housekeeper and Marvin Forrest our major domo, who does everything from whip up frozen drink concoctions to take us on a hike past tiny mountain villages. Welcome to Bluefields Bay Villas–the most unresort-like resort I’ve ever visited — in Jamaica, about an hour and 15 minutes drive from Montego Bay in the small community of Bluefields Bay.

Jamaica with Kids

Everything about our trip to Jamaica was a surprise, except for the Jamaicans. It’s always said that Jamaicans are the nicest people you’ll ever meet, this also was an understatement. We loved our time at Bluefields Bay, but more than the swank accommodations, we loved the staff and feel like we’ve made new friends…

Super Glam Jamaica All Inclusive-Bluefields Bay Villas

Speaking of all inclusive, so are your driver, secluded beach and kayaks. Really the “included” list kind of goes on and on. Every night at sunset your attentive staff whips up a tasty appetizer for you to enjoy poolside. Getting out of the pool is not mandatory. Note the silver tray and cloth napkins, really I can’t get enough of this Great Gatsby vacation style. If you’re looking for that special getaway for your family, Bluefields Bay is it. The homes very in size from two bedrooms to six. They all come with staff, food, nannies, pools and secluded beach. These are not bargain all inclusive Jamaica resorts, but they are worth every penny. Once you arrive, you have nothing else to think about, not what’s for dinner or who’s putting the baby down for a nap. It’s all handled for you. You really can’t put a price on that kind of relaxation…