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Old world ambiance overlooking the azure waters of the Caribbean.

There is a place in the Caribbean where nightlife and high-rise hotels fade away, where clocks and calendars seem to wind down slowly to a halt, where the azure sea laps gently beside dark earth, green hills, and vibrantly-hued fruits and blossoms. It is a fantasy location, the ultimate escape from reality. The lucky travel there to visit. The truly blessed return to create their vacation dream home. Known as Bluefields Bay on the southwest coast of Jamaica, this little piece of paradise proved irresistible to Washington D.C. architect, Deborah Moncure, and her husband, Braxton. After visiting this idyllic spot over thirteen years ago, they found it difficult to just pack up their bags and go home. So, finally, after years of negotiating with the local government, they bought some land and made their plans. The glorious result is The Hermitage.” “